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“… is a symbol of freedom, the highest expression of authencity, an ode to the uniqueness of its wearer. A masculine artisan handcrafted jewel, manufactured using only carefully selected noble metals and precious stones, tailor-made for each man who not only does not feel like a prisoner of other people ́s opinions and judgements but who also shows it off and shares it, so that it could be admired by only those belonging to that select group of individuals sensitive to aesthetics and beauty in their strictest sense, due to the perfection of its proportions, its finishing and, particularly, according to the exclusivity which grants such single and numbered jewel. Because it entails a statement of intent which does not need to be explained in words. 

A piece conceived and designed by the prestigious odontologist and trend-setter, Dr. Iván Malagón, whose taste for aesthetics makes this JEWEL a true artwork to show on your wrist.

With the guarantee, realiability and experience of Cadimor 98, wholesaler and manufacturer of fine jewelry with more than 70 years of history.

Do you feel intrigued, don ́t you?

Go ahead and contact us. We dare you…


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